Duane Corley

Duane Corley has been a licensed attorney in the state of Texas for 44 years. On his website, he claims to be committed to “maximum effort” on his client’s behalf and to a legacy of justice.

"Except when I'm looking at pornography..."

Corley’s “legacy of justice” was certainly tarnished in Tarek’s case. While Judge Stovall was making inappropriate comments about Tarek’s tattoos, instead of standing up for his client, Corley was busy making bizarre and inappropriate comments of his own:

When Judge Stovall became frustrated with Tarek’s confusion on the final day of trial and threatened to get the bailiff’s gun if Tarek didn’t agree to just let her rule, Corley didn’t stand up for his client or work to ensure that his client understood the terms of what he was agreeing to.


When Duane Corley was contacted about the case, he didn't respond kindly. At first, he was uncertain what case was being questioned. Then, he decided it was a waste of time and hung up. 

Phone call with Duane Corley
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Corley's History

Watch as Tarek recounts working with Corley:

There are a few more questionable marks on Corley’s “legacy of justice.”

In 1989, Corley was sued by former client Tom Cheney in Harris County Cause Number 89-15267 Tom Cheney v. Duane Corley and Hopkins and Corley. Cheney had hired Duane Corley to represent him in a suit for wrongful termination against his then employer, Houston Lighting and Power. The suit was dismissed for want of prosecution. According to court documents, Cheney alleged that the case was dismissed as a result of Corley’s negligence, malpractice, and fraud. The case was dismissed three months after it was filed.

In 2010, Corley was sued for slander of title, tortious interference with an existing contract and declaratory judgement in Montgomery County Cause Number 10-07-08070 James Kenneth Collins v. Duane T. Corley. Corley was accused of purchasing a barn from a client when the barn that had already been sold to the client’s ex-husband – a fact which Corley alleged knew. The case was dismissed three months after it was filed. 

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